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Citizen's Charter


Our Mission
Promoting sustainable and equitable agriculture and rural development through effective credit support, related services, institution building and other innovative initiatives.
The Background
NABARD was set up through an Act of the Indian Parliament on 12 July 1982 as an apex development bank for agriculture and rural development. The products and services from NABARD are available to institutional clientele , comprising cooperative banks, regional rural banks, commercial banks, central government entities, state governments and state government entities, informal development agencies, non – governmental organisations (NGOs), community based organisations (CBOs), universities, etc. NABARD extends refinancing and co-financing facilities to banks. Infrastructure funding is provided to governments. NABARD also partners with informal agencies and NGOs to further its developmental role in agricultural and rural development sectors.
Major Functions
1. Provide refinance to rural finance institutions  
2. Promote institutional development
3. Provide financial and development policy support to microfinance initiatives
4. Encourage and popularise financial inclusion  
5. Evaluate, monitor and inspect cooperative banks and regional rural banks
6. Finance state governments from the Rural Infrastructure Development Fund (RIDF)     
Financial assistance by way of loans to commercial banks, regional rural banks, cooperative banks and state governments is provided based on a business and development plan approved annually by the Board of Directors of NABARD. Financial interventions including refinance and infrastructure funding is made available on tap for the client institutions enabling them to draw funds as and when they require. The development policy initiatives are customised for each situation, and are implemented throughout the year. Some of the important financial and developmental interventions of NABARD are given below:
Potential Linked Credit Plans (PLPs)
PLPs are prepared by NABARD for all districts of the country as a single point document for assessing the overall investment potential to serve as a scientific basis for district credit planning by rural credit institutions. The PLPs carry detailed analysis of investments in agriculture and rural development sectors and gives sector wise projections of potential that could be tapped for a financial year by the lending institutions. These are also used as benchmarks by many State Governments while planning investments in those sectors. PLPs are made available to the banks and state governments every year.
State Focus Paper
The Regional Offices of NABARD undertake in-depth study of different sectors needing bank credit, which fulfill the needs of the agriculture and rural development of the concerned State. This is a consultative document, which is available to both the state government and banks functioning in the particular state. The State Focus Paper is released by NABARD every year in a State level function usually attended by the Chief Minister or Finance Minister and senior functionaries of the State.
Infrastructure Assistance
Soon after budgetary allocations are announced by the Government of India under the Rural Infrastructure Development Fund (RIDF), allocations are made by NABARD to state governments for financing rural infrastructure investments in approved activities. Projects are sanctioned during the year to the State Governments by NABARD at periodic intervals, based on proposals submitted by them. Disbursement of funds to the State Governments is made throughout the year, based on drawal applications submitted by them from time to time. Fund disbursals are decentralised to the Regional Offices of NABARD, to expedite availability of funds to the State Governments.
Supervision of Banks
An annual calendar for inspection of cooperative banks and RRBS is drawn up and inspections are carried out accordingly. The number of banks to be inspected is drawn up in advance, and the plan is executed over a period of one year. During 2010-11, NABARD conducted statutory inspections of 323 banks (31 SCBs, 229 CCBs and 42 RRBs) and voluntary inspections of 18 SCARDBs and 3 Apex societies. These inspections were carried out on time and the target for inspection was achieved in full.
Information for Citizens
NABARD has designated Shri Harish Java, General Manager, Head Office, Mumbai (Tel No.(022- 2653 0193) as the Central Public Information Officer. In his absence, Dr. U. S. Saha, General Manager, Head Office, Mumbai (Tel No. (022-2653 9686) will be the Central Public Information Officer. The address at which the above officers are available is as follows:
National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development
Plot No. C - 24, G Block
Bandra Kurla Complex
Bandra (East)
Mumbai - 400 051
The Chief General Managers (CGMs) in charge of NABARD in the Regional Offices will deal with all queries relating to the Regional Office concerned, client institutions, other institutions/authorities and outside persons within the state/ jurisdiction of the Regional Office. He will also deal with all requests received from staff of the Regional Office as also the retired officers and staff settled in the state.
Appellate Authority under RTI Act
Shri P. Satish, Chief General Manager & Secretary,
Appellate Authority, NABARD, 8th Floor,
'B' Wing, C-24, G-Block,
Bandra-Kurla Complex,
Bandra (East),
Mumbai – 400051.
Tel: 022-26530063
Fax: 022-26530192
E-mail : secy@nabard.org
Transparency Officer :
Shri V. Ramakrishna Rao, Executive Director
7th Floor, "C" Wing, C-24, G-Block,
Bandra-Kurla Complex Bandra (East),
Mumbai – 400051.
Tel. No. 022-26530031
Fax:(91) 022-26530032
This is not a legal document creating rights and obligations. The charter has been prepared to promote fair practices and to give information in respect of various activities relating to the Bank's business and development support in terms of its Charter and service to the client institutions of NABARD
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